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Pashm is a blend of exotic traditional pashmina art with modern, sophisticated and chic style cashmere. We offer a versatile collection of pashmina shawls, stoles, wraps and ponchos in vibrant colors accentuated with urbane elements and quality product. An array of designs with aura of tradition and glam quotient makes vivacious pieces. Indulge in never seen before, a new color palette for the traditional pashmina designs and embellished cashmere wraps like French Lace, Faux Fur, Shinning Sequins, Woven Shimmer and Swarovski Crystals. We bring to you the Semi-Pashmina, an amazingly soft and feather like weight wraps, a quality of pure Cashmere (Pashmina).

The Pashm presents to you a wide choice of jewelry which is handcrafted and customade in our own workshop. Designed and crafted by a highly talented team which is committed to craftsmanship and high quality. By imbibing innovation and experimentation to generations worth of experience and knowledge, the Pashm jewelry brand was born from the legacy business of Gold and Diamond jewelry. Our vision is  to make fine jewellery accessible to all and take heritage  further!