Banarasi craftsmanship is the uncrowned king in the world of weaving styles. The opulence and flamboyance of this art is an unmatched saga of unsurpassed exquisiteness. Banarasi weaving is assigned to various form’s of Indian attires, they are a desired among damsels across all age groups. Banarasi attires are generally restricted to occasion wear due to their heavy look. Constant evolution of fashion is now seeing a trend of Banarasi scarfs and blended Banarasi work on shawls. These scarves, dupatta and shawls can be used over both ethnic and western wear in different styles of draping. In case one wishes to give a simple attire a regal makeover, they can be done with draping these Banarasi scarves, dupattas or shawls. Available in varied designs of brocade along with an array of bright colors, they are an accessory to own with pride.