The Pashm

Pashm is an ideology, a passion and love for the colors, patterns, designs and rich heritage from the part of the world that is thriving to makes its presence felt and revive its dying forms. The beauty of this art is that it does not belong to a nation or a region, it belongs to the history from where it originated. An intricate and exquisite art form which has mesmerized the royalty of yesteryears to the modern-day fashionistas. We at Pashm, wants to bring the ultimate luxury and enticing art of regal era to the world unaware of its splendor. The original pieces of art that carry the legacy of the tradition are worn with pride and elegance. We at Pashm, want to change the view how this magnificent textile is worn.

Wearing clothes is one of the humanity’s basic need, but fashion incorporates its own prejudices of style, individual taste and cultural evolution. With an ever-evolving fashion, a need has become a thing of past. Now it’s more about the desires which reflects the changing wants. Continuously adapting to the changes of fashion and prevailing consumer demands is the only way of survival. The same applies to the traditional art woven on pashmina. The new generation wants to see a change in it, so they could wear it in ultra-glam parties to crème de la crème. We at Pashm, wants to revive this quintessential product of tradition, skill and artistry by blending this art with more modern, elegant and chic styles. So the new generation shouldn’t feel outdated but indulge themselves in the spectacular opulence. These new distinctive pieces are confluence of quality product, vibrant colors and urbane elements like Lace, Swarovski, Sequins, Fur, Crystals and Pearls. An array of designs with aura of tradition creates an astonishing piece for addition to any wardrobe. Such a versatile collection that you can carry it well with dresses to distressed jeans and can pass it on as an heirloom.

In earlier times, this inimitable yarn was woven on traditional wooden handlooms to produce an exclusive piece of an art that is truly one of its kind. Even today in parts of Kashmir, such a work of art is done. But is it meeting the consumer demands? Keeping it to a traditional handmade industry where each and every piece is an immense work of art, takes its own time of completion, ranging from a month to years. This factor upsurges the price many folds making it difficult to afford for many. Changing styles always necessitate change through the industry who is manufacturing it and to meet the demands of end consumer, infrastructure is changing too. With the changing infrastructures around the world, some things need to change in this industry too. Instead of keeping it limited to handlooms, automated looms are taking its place. And with that the price factor goes down making it more affordable to the generation who believes in experimenting with new looks. We at Pashm, are trying to bring the change from the art of making to the composition of pashminas so that the end product is cost effective but at the same time it resonates the delightful art of royals. These vivacious and vibrant shawls are truly considered as treasure trove.